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Chair of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of Tartu


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Acid-base chemistry

Superacids, superbases, pKa values in nonaqeous solvents (MeCN, THF, DMSO, 1,2-Dichloroethane, Heptane) and water, acidity and basicity in the gas phase, superacidic catalysts, superbasic catalysts

Measurement uncertainty in Chemistry

Measurement uncertainty estimation in chemistry (example uncertainty budgets) and validation of different chemical analysis methods

Chromatography and mass spectrometry

LC-MS and GC-MS method development and validation, matrix effects, studies of ionization processes (ionization efficiency) in the ESI ion source, novel MS ion sources

LC-ESI-MS Matrix effect

Studies of the origin and mechanism of the matrix effect and development of a set of approaches for coping with the matrix effect the "Matrix effect toolbox"

Synthetic anion receptors, measurements of host-guest binding, amperometric and optical sensors

Molecular recognition. Design and synthesis of molecular receptors for anions (carboxylate anions), measurements of host-guest binding and building sensors. Potentiometric, amperometric and optical sensors research, development and uncertainty estimation.

Interlaboratory comparisons

Interlaboratory comparison measurements organized by the UT Testing Centre

Conservation chemistry

Conservation chemistry research and development, FT-IR and MALDI-MS analysis of pigments and binders



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