Research and Development

Chair of Analytical Chemistry, University of Tartu


Acid-base chemistry

Superacids, superbases, pKa values in nonaqeous solvents (MeCN, THF, DMSO, 1,2-Dichloroethane, Heptane), acidity and basicity in the gas phase, superacidic catalysts

Measurement uncertainty in Chemistry

Uncertainty estimation (example uncertainty budgets) and validation of different chemical analysis methods

Chromatography and mass spectrometry

LC-MS and GC-MS method development and validation, matrix effects, studies of ionization processes (ionization efficiency) in the ESI ion source

LC-ESI-MS Matrix effect

Studies of the origin and mechanism of the matrix effect and development of a set of approaches for coping with the matrix effect – the "Matrix effect toolbox"

Synthetic molecular receptors, measurements of host-guest binding, amperometric and optical sensors

Amperometric and optical sensors research, development and uncertainty estimation; Design and synthesis of molecular receptors for anions, measurements of host-guest binding

Interlaboratory comparisons

Interlaboratory comparison measurements organized by the UT Testing Centre

Conservation chemistry

Conservation chemistry research and development, FT-IR and MALDI-MS analysis of pigments and binders



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